Enclosures, Cabinets and Shelters

Intertec instrumentation provide a range of rugged enclosures for field-mounted process instruments.

Intertec | Enclosures

Instrument enclosures are made of long glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) in sheet moulded compound design. This high-tech material has many advantages:

> Strength that almost matches stainless steel
> The weight of stainless steel is 4 times greater
> By increasing wall thickness and optimum fibre alignment the enclosure can be made with extra reinforcing at the edge
> Corrosion-free
> Excellent chemical resistance

Intertec | Heaters

Heaters are built in a modular design. They are available in general purpose construction as well as hazardous location certified to about all global standards:

> ATEX/CENELEC approvals for Europe
> CSA/NRTL approvals for America
> GOST approvals for the Russian Federation and many other national certificates, e.g. Japan, Czech Republic etc.
> Providing freeze protection
> Installation in a horizontal or vertical position
> Choice of many different wattages
> Self-limiting or with thermostat in the connection cable allowing for quick and easy installation
> Fully sealed with silicone, protection to IP 68, reliable even in the harshest conditions
> Low thermal stress for long life
> Optional failure alarm

Intertec | Static Gauge and Absolute Systems

Intertec | Differential Pressure Systems